What is a good ERP software to use with Magento e-commerce?

There are some critical factors to consider before choosing your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), and these include the size of the company, the features of the ERP solution that you are looking for, and how you want these features to be integrated with Magento, your fulfilment operations, and the nature of your retail locations.

The top three ERP packages for use with Magento e-commerce are SAP, Microsoft Dynamics AX, and NetSuite. These powerfully ranked ERP solutions go beyond the custom account operations, allowing for flexible configuration, numerous services and increased customization to add efficiency to your business.

You may also want to consider OpenSource ERP solutions for use with Magento, because these are easy to integrate, and highly customizable. Some of the most popular of these are OpenERP and Tryton which work excellently with Magento. For instance, OpenERP integration with Magento has bene lauded for working very well, while also allowing for integration with other ecommerce platforms such as Amazon, and eBay.

Ultimately, a lot of factors will determine the solution you pick based on the size of your business and your annual revenues. For a small or medium company that may perhaps feel strained by the advanced top tier ERPs, there is always the option of OpenSource ERPs, or custom ERPS designed to meet your needs, while also being affordable. For big business, the powerfully ranked ERP solutions such as NetSuite are the best option for use with Magento.

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