What are the best options for ERP software for a small company?

There are numerous options for ERP software solutions to choose from, and oftentimes this is dependent on the size of the business, the number of modules it needs, and its financial health. ERP software, after all, can range from $50,000 for a simple ERP, to over a million dollars for a more sophisticated system such as Oracle. This thus raises the question of what the best option for a small business is, when it comes to ERPs.

There is no one-size-fits-all ERP software that is ideal for all forms of business needs. The choice largely depends on the individual requirements of the business. However, Microsoft Dynamics Partner is one of the best alternatives for a small business. Microsoft Dynamics ERP is an ideal choice for small companies because it allows for the integration of pre-existing software applications, and can also be easily and effectively rolled out to diverse business areas.

It is always advised that your ERP should match your business needs and operations. More so, your ERP should allow for greater integration features, while being reasonable in terms of price. It is critical to note that a basic system may be ineffective in providing the necessary functionalities and tools to effectively manage the business’ functions. On the same breadth, a sophisticated ERP has the demerit of being costly, and is often difficult to scale as the business expands.

Microsoft Dynamics ERP offers the best fit for small companies, and their needs, because it effectively fits into your company’s complex business processes and various requirements, to essentially increase the profitability of your business.

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